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ISBN: 978-88-6733-700-2

Pagine: 264

Formato: A5

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Descrizione prodotto

Rome, nowadays. Sara, a twenty-four years old girl, spends her days between the work and her best friends who are also her roommates. Her life seems to be meaningless. Her boyfriend has left her from a few months and she is still upset. One day her colleague, Lisa, invites her to a party. Sara wouldn’t like to go but in the end, she decides to acquiesce her friend. Lisa asks her to find more informations about the guest star of the party, the band The wanderer and its lead singer Andrew James. Lisa tells to Sara that there are strange stories about him. He doesn’t go out during the morning and he is always followed by some girls all dressed in black, called ‘the black guards’. Sara, once arrived at home, finds something more about Andrew and from the Wanderer’s website, sees his pics. He seems to have a strange mark on his forearm: an N that seems to bleed. Sara is upset and sick and in that moment, an N appears on her forearm but disappears in a few seconds. During the party Andrew and Sara meet each other but in front of his presence Sara faints. Eventually Sara finds out his true nature: he is a vampire…
Translator: Nicole Samano Gutierrez
Photographer: Sabrina Campagna


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